HM Counselling- Enquiries welcome. Availability from 4th May 2021

How can I help you?

There may be times in your life when it feels like there is no way of overcoming distressing events or overwhelming feelings - when your life may feel difficult or even intolerable. Or perhaps you are not quite sure what is going on but just know something does not feel right for you.

Person-Centred therapy is non-directive. I believe you have the answers because you know yourself best. I will empathise, not judge and be respectful as we explore what is going on for you together. I will walk along side you, offering you a safe confidential space to talk about what is important to you.

What Can I Offer You

I will always work with what you bring to counselling, because your issues are important to you. 

Below are examples of areas I have explored with clients:

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"as no one else can know how we perceive, we are the best experts on ourselves" - carl rogers

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